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X2VOL System

In MCPS, X2VOL is used to log and track community service hours while being provided with a platform that exposes students to new volunteer/internship opportunities. Click the image below to access the X2VOL System.

Instructions to access X2Vol:

**See the internship packet form in the website subsection "Internship Information"
to download

The image has details about the x2VOL System, showing its homepage.

Students complete a paid or unpaid, career-focused experience during which they become directly involved for a defined period of time in the career cluster of their choice. This experience compliments the student's career goals and is managed under the supervision of the internship coordinator, Ms. Letourneau. This experience provides students an opportunity to obtain first-hand knowledge about a career or a field of study, provides an opportunity for a student to apply the skills obtained in school to real work experiences while learning additional skills associated with the workplace, and allows students to experience options they may not have considered and make thoughtful decisions about continued education or full time work. The X2VOL system allows students to explore their interests and discover an opportunity that is meant for them, allowing them to be better prepared for future job opportunities.  To find out more, go to room 254 at the beginning of lunch, or Room 241B at the end of lunch (by appointment) to speak to Ms. Letourneau or her intern Nikki Shirojan.



Step 1. Join X2VOL via Naviance Student:

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Step 2.  Join your Group in your X2VOL account:

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Step 3.  Log your hours!

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