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About Internships

Ms. Letourneau is handling Interns for the rest of the year, until June. She is available in room 254 at lunch.

Mr. Ostry will be handling Apprenticeships and Internships for the school year 2024-25, so please see him regarding paperwork requirements, opportunities, and sign-up.

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Google Classroom

Google code:   ebk5xg7

Scroll through for opportunities and links

You should go back through all opportunities in the Google Classroom to see possible ideas!

** Now you can go to your Naviance account, go to “x2vol” and hit “find opportunities”!

Internships-The Basics

-Procured by the student as part of the experience , with Ms. Letourneau's support and available county opportunities 

-Can be remote or in-person, paid or unpaid

-Students must be out of the building during those hours designated for their internship (unless there is an unusual schedule or circumstance)

-Cannot be with family member as supervisor or family owned business ** see Ms. Letourneau if questions

-Must be approved ahead of time by Ms. Letourneau, room 254

-Students  must submit weekly timesheets and reflections to Ms. Letourneau 

-Students receive a grade based on reflections, timesheet and participation in assigned duties (evaluation by mentor)

-Per semester: 1 pd=75 hrs required/2 pds=150 hrs/3 pds=225

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Single, Double, and Triple Periods

You are able to alter your schedule to match with your internship. Single period is an hour per day/75 per semester (5 hours per week), double is 2 hours per day , 150 per semester (10 hours per week), and triple =3 hours per day, 15 per week, 225 per semester.

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