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About Internships

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Google Classroom

Google code:   ebk5xg7

Scroll through for opportunities and links

You should go back through all opportunities in the Google Classroom to see possible ideas!

** Now you can go to your Naviance account, go to “x2vol” and hit “find opportunities”!

Internships-The Basics

-Procured by the student as part of the experience , with Ms. Letourneau's support and available county opportunities 

-Can be remote or in-person, paid or unpaid

-Students must be out of the building during those hours designated for their internship (unless there is an unusual schedule or circumstance)

-Cannot be with family member as supervisor or family owned business ** see Ms. Letourneau if questions

-Must be approved ahead of time by Ms. Letourneau, room 254

-Students  must submit weekly timesheets and reflections to Ms. Letourneau 

-Students receive a grade based on reflections, timesheet and participation in assigned duties (evaluation by mentor)

-Per semester: 1 pd=75 hrs required/2 pds=150 hrs/3 pds=225

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Single, Double, and Triple Periods

You are able to alter your schedule to match with your internship. Single period is an hour per day/75 per semester (5 hours per week), double is 2 hours per day , 150 per semester (10 hours per week), and triple =3 hours per day, 15 per week, 225 per semester.

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