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WCHS Internship/WBL 

The Internship Program at Winston Churchill High School is designed to provide support to students pursuing internships during their school day. This includes resume prep, guidance and support in searching for opportunities, and interview prep as needed. The purpose of an internship is to provide hands-on experiences related to the major a student is interested in pursuing, allowing the student to get a glimpse of careers in their field of interest and to help them stand out during the college admissions process. Additional information will be posted regarding apprenticeships and other Work-based Learning opportunities including webinars, seminars, etc.

*If you are interested in summer internships for the 2024 year, go to the Opportunities subsection for more information.

Available Support


Our website includes information important for students pursuing internships and details how to join the X2Vol Platform to gain access to opportunities, shows posts of recent opportunities categorized by area of interest, includes the internship packet of paperwork required for internship class, and notice of important meetings. Students with inquiries can also email Ms. Letourneau via the website.


Support is available via Ms. Letourneau and her intern Nikki for help with writing and editing your resume.


Students can find an internship that is perfect for them! Through the X2Vol System, students are able to pursue opportunities to find the one that meets their needs.

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Why is WBL (Work-based Learning) important?

MCPS has a vision that by 2027, most students graduating will have had at least one work-based learning experience. WBL includes internships, apprenticeships, and site-work experience (SWE). These programs serve as a method in which students can expand their horizons and gain experience in a specific field.

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